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Hereby you will find few of my latest tutorials. They are mainly Bluetooth oriented. I was using one of the newest HP PDA model (2210) for my tests. A lot of pictures (screen shots) for easy understanding and still few words for all my readers.

Thanks for reading. Ivan

0. "Download, Install, Run and Establish Partnership with ActiveSync 3.7.1"

1. "HP 2210 Internet Setup via Bluetooth adapter from Conceptronic with NAT"

2. "HP 2210 Internet setup via Bluetooth adapter from Sitecom and ezProxy"

3. "HP 2210 Internet Setup NAT/ICS the Computer configuration"

4. "Terminal Services Client on my PDA model hp 2210"

5. “SanDisk 128MB+ Wi-Fi CompactFlash on a HP iPAQ 2210"

6. "How-to ActiveSync over Wi-Fi"

7. "ActiveSync over IR"

8. "Generic Bluetooth Personal Area Network (PAN) and Windows XP SP2" - updated 15.11.2004

8.a "How to Host Personal Area Network (PAN) on you PDA" - add-on for the previous tutorial

9. "Workaround for Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) on Windows XP SP2 Systems with only one Network Interface Card (NIC) or ADSL-Cable Modem and Generic Bluetooth adapter"

10. "Network Printer Installation for Pocket PC over Bluetooth Network "

11. "Running Web Server on your PDA"

Any of the information's you find here is free for use in any kind (print, post reproduced) as so no guaranty are the articles are 100% compatible with you devices. In other words "Don't blame me if it doesn't work"