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Welcome to my Wi-Fi page.

Here you will be able to refer to my Tutorials / Pictorial with wireless devices. Soon very soon.

You can use the ASCII2HEX Key converter here.

But until then you can visit my Wi-Fi related tutorial for PDA (HP 2210):

"Workaround for Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) on Windows XP SP2 Systems with only one Network Interface Card (NIC) or ADSL-Cable Modem and Generic Bluetooth adapter"
"Generic Bluetooth Personal Area Network (PAN) and Windows XP SP2" updated 15.11.2004
"SanDisk 128MB+ Wi-Fi CompactFlash on a HP iPAQ 2210"
"How-to ActiveSync over Wi-Fi"

Here my favourite links:

Directly form Microsoft

Ad Hoc Internet Sharing
Learn how to share an Ethernet-based Internet connection with wireless computers using an ad hoc wireless network.
WPA Wireless Security Update in Windows XP
Download the WPA Wireless Security Update that enables computers running Windows XP to use WPA, an interim standard that addresses the issues associated with WEP encryption.
Microsoft 802.1X Authentication Client for Windows 2000
Learn about the Microsoft 802.1X Authentication Client, which enables computers running Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3 to use IEEE 802.1X to authenticate wireless connections. Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 includes Microsoft 802.1X Authentication Client.
Step-by-Step Guide for Setting Up Secure Wireless Access in a Test Lab
Learn how to configure wireless access with security using IEEE 802.1X authentication with Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol-Microsoft Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol version 2 (PEAP-MS-CHAP v2) and Extensible Authentication Protocol-Transport Layer Security (EAP-TLS) in a test lab using a wireless access point and four computers.
Configuring Windows XP IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks for the Home and Small Business
Learn how to configure computers running Windows XP to create a wireless network for a home or small business.
Wireless Technologies
Browse the Windows Platform Development site for information about how to develop device drivers for Windows wireless technologies.


Connecting Windows and Non-Windows Devices with IrDA
Networking over IrDA in Windows XP

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