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Generic Personal Area Network (PAN) and Windows XP SP2.

Hello and welcome to my new Tutorial. This paper is made with the only purpose to help people using Bluetooth technology easily with the new Microsoft Service Pack 2. For my lab I used PDA model: HP 2210 and a PC model: Pentium 3 533MHz 256Ram. The HP has a Bluetooth build-in and the PC is using a Conceptronic (CBT100U) Bluetooth adapter. PC software is Windows XP PRO SP2 (Service Pack 2). For security reason the Windows Firewall Enabled and the PDA Bluetooth PAN (Personal Area Network) authorization Enabled too. The objective of the lab is set-up PAN with the generic windows XP SP2 Bluetooth driver and Bluetooth emulator.

Connection the PDA and the Computer Part 1
Setting up the PDA Part
Connection the PDA and the Computer Part 2
Debug Computer Part
Debug PDA Part

* For easy understanding the screen shot actions are in red square.