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Running Web Server on your PDA

Today having a Web Server is banal. Most of us have been using IIS (Internet Information Server), Personal Web Server of Microsoft, Apache or other. But these days we can even set up a Web server on a PDA. Is it useless or not to have it and what to do with it is not the point of my Tutorial. As you are going to see it is defiantly the most easies Tutorial ever. In fact this is not a tutorial it is just a resume.

First of all I have to thank Robin Brower from Newmad.se for making it. It is a great product very easy to install and use. For more info on Newmad products visit www.newmad.se.

Let’s start with the installation. Get you free product copy for there web site http://www.newmad.se/software.asp after connect you PDA and double click the downloaded file. In few seconds you PDA will be ready.

  * For easy understanding the screen shot actions are in red square.
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