SanDisk 128MB+ Wi-Fi CompactFlash on a HP iPAQ 2210
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Today I'm adding a new tutorial as unfortunately like most of you I can’t enjoy the “Utility” that comes on the CD-ROM and we have nothing to do about it. Apparently SanDisk “Utility” does not work on windows 2003 or it does not work on HP 2210 (2215) either way if you have some doubts how-to configure the card I have made this simple tutorial with a lot of screen captures explaining it. It is a substitution and not a solution but I'm using my PDA with my card on my home WLAN. Hope to be helpful.

Now you are going to download the latest drivers form SanDisk then connect you PDA to the cradle use ActiveSync (my is v3.7) to install the driver than plug in the card and enjoy my tutorial.

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* For easy understanding the screen shot actions are in red square.