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Workaround for Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) on Windows XP SP2 Systems with only one Network Interface Card (NIC) or ADSL-Cable Modem and Generic Bluetooth adapter.

Few days ago I have to install a new Bluetooth adapter on Windows XP with SP2. Every thing works great and I was just about to start the ICS and surprise … no "check box" in my NIC properties window to tic. You probably have the same problem and until you install the original (shipped) dongle drivers the ICS is missing. In fact if you don’t have second network no ICS will be available. I suppose that Windows does not take the Generic BT driver as one. I know it is not a big deal but imagine on one side you have you ADSL modem connected to the Internet and you home PC, on another you have you PDA connected to the same PC via Bluetooth. But you can't share you internet, you can't serf or send and receive mails directly form the PDA you can't even chat using MS Messenger. Well if you don't care this Tutorial is not for you else here is the workaround I implement on my network.

* For easy understanding the screen shot actions are in red square.