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Welcome to WiFizard.com

I have worked on some Tutorials for the users in my company. After having a huge success with them I decided to share my experience with the word. This is how the idea for WiFizard was born.
There are some few rules I trying to follow in my work. The Tutorials / Pictorials have to be simple and easy to understand even if you are not English spiking. Each step is represented with a screen shot. As you will notice my English is not wonderful but I don’t care. The site is for privet use. If you are about to complain about any thing you can leave. I do this in my free time and if there is no Tutorials today it doesn’t mean tomorrow will be one. I do them depending of the load of work I have (less work more Tutorials). You are welcome to send me suggestion or questions even requests for new Tutorials. I don’t promise you anything but if the request is interesting I’ll see.


I wish you great time on my site.

my ASCII2HEX conversion tool available now here.

P. S. Yesterday I was searching for a tool to monitor my HDD well I now have few but the tool that I run on and shocks me was a Windows XP Prefetch Clean And Control (Tool for flushing the Prefetch log and controlling the Prefetch Parameters) it comes from Majorgeeks.com but here I have a mirror just in case they stop supporting the download. Give it a try it is a good staff. Download

My newest tutorials are:

"Running Web Server on your PDA"

"Network Printer Installation for Pocket PC over Bluetooth Network"

"Workaround for Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) on Windows XP SP2 Systems with only one Network Interface Card (NIC) or ADSL-Cable Modem and Generic Bluetooth adapter"

"Generic Bluetooth Personal Area Network (PAN) and Windows XP SP2" updated 15.11.2004

"SanDisk 128MB+ Wi-Fi CompactFlash on a HP iPAQ 2210"

"How-to ActiveSync over Wi-Fi"

"ActiveSync over IR"

"Download, Install, Run and Establish Partnership with ActiveSync 3.7.1"


from: kpduty (http://discuss.cewindows.net)
Excellent tutorial . . . this is without a doubt the #1 question I see on PPC websites. . .
"A picture is worth 1000 words"

from: Jack (http://davesipaq.com/forum)
Ivan...again I have to tell you...GREAT JOB!!
I enjoyed following the careful presentation you made. It will be a help to folks!

from: Ian Saggers (http://communities2.microsoft.com)
That is an AWESOME wizard. Many thanks for solving so many of my problems in
one go...
-Ian Saggers.

from: Marc (http://www.ipaqabilities.com)
Sweet! I haven't had a chance to set up ActiveSync over Wi-Fi yet at home. I'll definately be using this as a guide when I have a chance to set it up on my home PC. Been successfully Bluetooth Syncing at home and work for the longest time now that I have sorted out all those issues.